June 30, 2021


By Kahdijah Lozada

Author Kahdijah Lozada  | Photographer Erica Nichole


 Since she was an adolescent she dreamt of becoming a successful business owner. Seeing her family continuously struggle, she took various steps trying to change their circumstance. Through multiple failed business attempts, she failed forward, learned from her mistakes and created one of many successful brands - one of them being 'Just Pray.' 

"Who would buy these for $9.99 if I sold them?" KD Griffey said, posting on her Instagram story. "Only 50 available," that post was all the confidence she needed - because between her family and friends, she sold out of them within 24 hours. 

From all the previous lessons learned through business, she was ready to take "Just Pray" to the next level. From taking marketing courses, to making a website and creating social media accounts - she was not only ready to launch it so the world could see, but inspire other young entrepreneurs in the process. 

 Probably not what you were expecting when you think of a CEO of a big brand like Just Pray huh? As sad as that is, that was and still is KD's reality. Trying to maneuver through the business world with all the odds stacked against her, she had to remain 10 toes down and get it out the mud. "I remember I would stare to the sky and say "I want to be successful, I want to be rich, I want to help my parents," KD said. " I just knew that I could make it all come true, whenever life knocked me down - I got back up swinging back." 

 Learning how to market, negotiate and deliver was a process within itself for KD. A lot of money went down the drain and she almost gave up multiple times. "It was like I was literally right there - I could see my brand blowing up and sales coming in, but I just couldn't get there for some reason" she said.

"It wasn't until I used the resources that were available to me - Inexpensive courses, articles, and A LOT of YouTube videos." "I made the mistake in paying some of the influencers thousands for courses, and wasn't worth it." "The biggest lesson I learned was - DONT BUY OUT OF EMOTION, it helped me with finding free resources or inexpensive ones to help grow my brand." KD said. 

 Being raised on the west coast also helped KD with her mindset, a true pure hustler at heart. She never gave up, even when she wanted to. "I literally went through every emotion within my business ventures, every emotion - the only difference is I didn't give up." 

 KD has built businesses that went from being valued at single digits and within less than a year has built it to over 6 figures. The resilience and killer instinct to never lose, always compete and always get better will remain within her - no matter what happens in life. If you go through life with that mindset, anything is possible. She is planning to take Just Pray to six figures within a year while continuously inspiring anyone that has a dream. 

" The game will test you, never fold. Stay ten toes down. Its not on you, its in you - and what's in you, they can never take away." - Nipsey Hussle